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Vodafone Park Master Parking Sensors

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Everything you need to protect vehicles against damage

Figures from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) suggest that around 17%* of all road accidents involve reversing. Statistics from the Health and Safety Executive show that nearly 25% of all deaths involving vehicles at work in the UK occur during some form of reversing manoeuvre.**

Improving vehicle safety has been at the heart of the Vodafone Automotive ethos since the company was founded in 1975.

By measuring the distance between your vehicle and
an obstacle – and alerting you via an audible signal – our Park Master Solutions aim to reduce accident rates and improve your driving experience.

Our range of parking sensors can be fitted to the front and/or rear of cars, light commercial vehicles
and leisure vehicles at relatively low cost, to protect
them from costly scrapes and bumps.

All sensors can be painted to match the vehicle paint colour or be integrated into the vehicle bumper,
while setting adjustments can easily be made to
accommodate a tow-bar or rear mounted spare wheel.

All products are backed by a comprehensive warranty and a technical support helpline service.

Benefits to you

Vodafone Automotive Park Master systems give a great range of benefits, whether you own a vehicle privately or use one for work

  • Protects your vehicle(s) and insurance premiums
  • Helps avoid costly vehicle repairs and down-time
  • Makes difficult parking situations easier
  • Supports light commercial vehicle operators meet Duty of Care obligations
  • Cost-effective solution – that’s quick and easy to install

Stress-free parking

Vodafone Automotive Park Master systems help drivers move forward and back in a vehicle safely, by warning the driver of an obstacle before they come into contact with it. An intermittent ‘beep’ sound starts
and continues to let the driver know the obstacle is there – the sound
frequency gets faster, the closer the driver gets to the obstacle, until it
becomes one continuous sound.

Discreet and efficient

  • System active when the vehicle is in reverse gear or during low speed manoeuvres. Small
    manufacturer style sensors can be fitted to
    the rear and/or front bumpers
  • Adjustable for towbars, bicycle racks and rear
    door mounted spare wheelsSensors can be painted to match the colour
    of the vehicle, giving a high quality factorystyle
  • Suitable for all types of vehicles, including cars,
    motorhomes and light commercial vehicles
  • Fully ISO 9001 and ISO 17386 (MALSO)

Take a look at our product range

Front and Rear Park Master (4 Eye Systems), programmable ECU and buzzer

22mm diameter sensors – Bumper installation

22mm diameter sensors – Bumper installation

R0294 4 Eye Rear, F0294 4 Eye Front

  • All the features and easy clip-on installation of the 0190
    series but with smaller, sleeker, low profile sensor eyes
  • Narrower outer ring than 0190 (0.75mm instead of 1.5mm)
  • Rounded outer ring edges to give a flush mounted effect

17mm diameter sensors – Totally flush mounted solution

17mm diameter sensors – Totally flush mounted solution

R0394 4 Eye Rear, F0394 4 Eye Front

  • Vodafone Automotive’s latest innovation, providing a totally
    flush installation and a superior manufacturer style finish
  • Sensor housing is adaptable for bumper thickness to enable
    perfect alignment. The first of its kind, with a patent pending

Product Specification – all models

17mm diameter sensors – Totally flush mounted solution

  • Nominal voltage: 12 VDC
  • Operating voltage range: 8-16 VDC
  • Working temperature: -40c – +85c
  • Dimensions: 60 x 64 x 27 mm
  • Max consumption: <20 m
  • Left: Angled Spacer. Can only be used in conjunction with 0194 + 0294 series

Additional information

Parking Sensors

17mm Front, 17mm Rear, 22mm Front, 22mm Rear, Colour Coded Sensors x 4, Colour Coded Sensors x 8


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