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Installation terms and conditions

1. Delivery & Installation

a. The vehicle, parts, and mobile phone must be accessible and present at the agreed time of the install. Our technicians will wait for a maximum of 20 minutes. If any of the aforementioned are not available after this time the job will be deemed as canceled and subject to a Cancellation Fee. Please see Section 6 for cancellation details.

b. A minimum of five working days’ notice is required prior to the install date. The ability to fulfill the requested date is dependent upon the availability of the technician and parts.

c. The booking time advised has a window of two hours which is the arrival time for our technician. Please allow additional time for the install to be completed.

d. We do not quote times for installations as each one is unique, but as a guide, you can expect a standard tracker or dash camera install to take around one and a half hours.

e. The equipment will be sent directly to the installation address or address provided before the day of installation. If no specific delivery address is provided, then the equipment will always be sent directly to the installation address. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure these goods arrive on time and to inform us of any delivery problems, missed deliveries, non-deliveries or lost deliveries more than one working day before installation. If we are not informed before the installation date, or the installer arrives on site and the equipment is not there for him to install, then a Cancellation Fee will be charged at £85 + VAT. All goods are sent via courier and require a signature. If no one is available to sign for the delivery the courier will leave a card with their contact details on. Our courier will attempt to deliver the parcel twice; if after the second attempt the item is unable to be collected and the customer requires a third delivery attempt, then a third delivery charge of £10 will apply. If no contact is made with the courier after the second delivery attempt and the parcel is returned back to us, then a charge of £15 will apply for the cost of the parcel being returned to us and the cost of re-delivering the parcel to the customer.

2. Equipment

a. The term ‘Damage-Free Bracket’ relates to the mounting of a mobile phone holder to the dashboard of a vehicle. It does not mean a completely damage-free installation. When a separate loudspeaker is fitted to a vehicle, small drill holes are made to secure the bracket to a panel, usually out of sight in the passenger’s footwell. Every effort is made to make the holes as inconspicuous as possible.

b. ‘Audio Muting Leads’ cannot always be fitted to vehicles with amplified stereo systems. This is because audio does not operate through ALL of the speakers and it can cause echo, interference, and feedback. In the event of these instances, the external loudspeaker supplied with the hands-free car kit will be fitted. If you are unsure as to whether your system is amplified, please refer to the owners’ handbook.

c. Our installers will always try to help set up your device for you. Our installers may not always be able to do this due to not being familiar with certain phones/products on the market, especially if not provided by Auto Tec. If this is the case the installer will inform you of this and you may need to refer to the user guide provided by the manufactuer or contact the supplying dealer for help. We are not liable for compatibility issues or interference caused by products. Our sales team will always try and advise of any possible issues with certain cars if we are aware of these. No refund is available for phone/device compatibility problems.

d. Vehicle coding and compatibility- some vehicles require certain features of the vehicle to be activated by the dealer using diagnostic equipment prior to aftermarket products correct functionality. As each vehicle leaves the factory with different features activated depending on vehicle specification, Auto Tec will not be liable for any costs involved in activation of such features. An example of this would be adding a music device e.g. Car Play to a vehicles original radio system, most aftermarket interfaces use the CD changer port connection and sometimes if a CD changer is not fitted at the factory this feature may be “turned off” in the vehicle’s computer, to get this to work would require switching on using a diagnostic computer. Other companies are able to perform such tasks such as Auto Logic

3. Location

a. In the event of poor weather conditions a covered area to work is advised. This is to protect the upholstery and electrics of your vehicle and the components we are installing or repairing from rainwater damage. This area should be spacious enough to allow both front doors of the vehicle to be fully opened without any obstruction. Our technician may cancel a installation if he feels the weather will affect his health and safety.

b. Our technicians are not insured to work in National Car Parks (NCP) or council owned car parks and it is not our responsibility to pay for any other type of metered parking. For Health & Safety reasons and for the protection of your vehicle, work cannot be carried out on busy main roads and dual carriageways. Please contact us if you are unsure of these conditions or need to make alternative arrangements. If no parking is provided, or the parking provided is not suitable, then the installation will be cancelled, and a Cancellation Fee will be charged. No full refund is available.

4. Pre & Post Checks

a. If the work to be carried out relates to a hands free or car play, then your mobile phone must be made available at the start of the job. This ensures that the kit supplied is the correct one for the handset and allows our technician to perform a thorough performance and functionality test. Without the handset we cannot guarantee the kit will be fully operational when you come to use it and cannot be held responsible for a subsequent call out.

b. Our installer will check the vehicle before and after the installation and may ask you to sign a completed job sheet. We advise the customer to check the vehicle with the installer before and after the installation as any faults or problems with the vehicle must be raised and discussed with the installer before he leaves site. Any claims thereafter are not liable. We are not responsible for any issues raised once the installer has left the site. The customer or an authorised nominee must attend the vehicle with the installer before the job, and once the job is complete. If the customer fails to inspect the vehicle once the job has been completed, then this invalidates any possible claims to the installer or Auto Tec. If no phone is available on site for post checks, then any future warranty or call out issues will be charged as a Service Call Out.

5. Pricing

a. Prices quoted on the Order Confirmation may be subject to change if any additional parts or labour are required. All additional parts will be payable on the day direct to Auto Tec.

b. If an administrative error has resulted in an incorrect price being displayed, we reserve the right to correct that price and notify you accordingly. In these circumstances, it will be deemed that a contract has not been entered into and you will not be bound to continue with your purchase. You will be asked to email us to confirm that you wish to proceed at the correct price. However, should you choose not to do so, your monies will be refunded to your credit/debit card in full. The repayment of such monies paid to us will be the extent of our liability to you in the event of pricing errors.

6. Cancellation

a. Please be advised that a Cancellation Fee of 100% of the labour costs minimum £85.00 + VAT will be charged:-

· if access to the vehicle is not possible for reasons beyond our control,

· less than 24 hours’ notice is received to change the appointment date and/or time,

· cover is not available in poor weather conditions,

· or any of the relevant points above have not been adhered to.

b. We reserve the right to cancel an installation at any time. This will only happen where the circumstances are out of our control and cannot be rectified in time for the install. Auto Tec is not liable for any compensation or loss of earnings this may create.

c. Please note that cancellations must be communicated during business hours by calling 01789 224214.

d. In the event that an appointment needs to be cancelled we require at least 24 hours’ notice. If this is not given then a Cancellation Fee will be charged. If we are given incorrect details for an appointment and we are unable to locate the address, a Cancellation Fee may be charged. If you wish to change the installation address we require at least 24 hours’ notice to rearrange this. If this is not given then a Cancellation Fee will be charged. If the equipment is not on site when we arrive, and we have not been informed of the non arrival or any other reason for this then a Cancellation Fee will be charged. Please note it is the customer’s responsibility to make sure the equipment is on site and we must be informed if the equipment has not been delivered so that we can cancel the technician or a Cancellation Fee will be charged.

If an installation is cancelled and the customer requires a refund, it should be noted that delivery charges will not be refunded. All parts are to be returned by the customer via an insured delivery method. Car specific and special order parts may not be able to be refunded in full.

7. Warranties

a. Parts are covered by a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty, this does not include misuse, wear and tear, modification (unless carried out by the installation technician) or unintentional user damage.

b. At the time of install should any of the information about the vehicle differ from that on the order confirmation and consequently prevent the installation to be completed, this may result in additional service call costs. Service Calls are charged at £85 + VAT.

c. No charge will be made for parts and/or labour providing a fault is found and the device is within the warranty period. A copy of the invoice is required for all warranty claims.

d. Auto Tec cannot be held responsible for any third party charges without being given the opportunity to rectify any problems allegedly caused by one of our technicians.

8. Service Calls

a. If a Service Call is booked and fault is found with the phone/vehicle, user error, wear and tear or any other part not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, then a Service Call fee of £85 + VAT will be charged. It is possible that parts may need to be purchased to resolve the fault, resulting in additional costs to the customer.

b. The following are not covered under warranty: user error, misuse, damage, faulty/change of handset, kit moved to different vehicle unless performed by Auto Tec, fault or anything otherwise deemed outside of the manufacturer’s warranty.


No device fault is found on over 40% of all service call outs. Please read your user guide carefully to gain a good understanding of the operation of your equipment.

If in doubt please call our Technical Helpline on 01789 224214.

c. In the event of a Service Call we may need to send new parts direct to you for replacement. Once the Service Call has been completed we require you to return any faulty or unused parts within 7 days of completion. These need to be sent back via insured post to the address below. We are not liable for the parts in transit. Any parts not returned within 7 days will be charged to the payment method used for your original order.

d. Software updates are sometimes released by manufacturers. It is not a free service or warranty service, so is chargeable if required.

e. Any work carried out or not approved by Auto Tec is not covered and we are not liable for payment. Invoices for attendance and repair work carried out on a device supplied by Auto Tec by any third party will not be accepted.

f. Moving of parts for any other reason than installation error is not covered under the warranty.

g. A Service Call charge will be made where:

· the device has been installed over the warranty period stated

· there is no proof of purchase

· our technician finds no fault with the device

· the cause of the fault is misuse or with other parts of your vehicle/phone or connected item to the device not supplied by Auto Tec.

Please note: Auto Tec recommend that you or a qualified engineer test the kit prior to installation, if a fault with kit NOT supplied by Auto Tec is faulty at the time of installation we will endevour to complete as mush as the installation as possible and if a return visit is required to complete the install then this would be chargeable. Please follow the installation instructions carefully and read all safety information and guidelines before use. Auto Tec is not liable for any costs relating to the installation, use or removal.