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RH600 4G Integrated Telematics Camera



Adopted by companies such as Iceland Foods, the award-winning RH600 combines all the benefits of telematics with video and photo evidence of road traffic incidents. The most advanced 4G integrated telematics camera in the UK, the RH600 is proven to reduce accident rates by up to 39%, cut instances of speeding by 35%, improve driver behaviour, and enhance fuel economy by up to 10%.

All-In-One Device

Combine all the benefits of a leading-edge telematics device with live video streaming over the 4G network. Packing all this technology into ONE device means that fleet managers benefit from reduced hardware costs and vehicle downtime for installation.

Full Telematics Capability

The RH600 comprises the same technology as our most sophisticated telematics unit, affording fleet managers, a multi-functional system with all the intuitive, rich data-harnessing functionality they have come to expect from Trakm8.

4G Live Streaming

Connect to the RH600 in real-time and view live streaming on one or both camera lens. Connect via 4G, which is up to 14 times faster than other 3G telematics cameras on the market.

Multi-Lens Options

The RH600 can be used as a traditional dash cam with a dual camera lens option. Choose from single lens road or driver-facing or dual lens with road and driver-facing lens. Alternatively, an additional AHD camera lens can be attached which can be installed inside or outside the vehicle.

Vehicle Health

The RH600 includes our Trakm8 Connectedcare vehicle health solution. This helps to minimise the risk of vehicle breakdowns and non-starts, control service and repair costs, and improve residual values. Gain insights into key metrics such as true ODO, dashboard warning lights, fuel or AdBlue levels, and tyre pressure.

Driver Behaviour Scoring

Proven to reduce accident rates and improve fleet fuel economy, our driver behaviour solutions include driver scores, real-time alerts to fleet managers, and in-cab coaching for drivers. Identify and support high-risk drivers or use gamification and league tables to incentivise better driving.

Insight Integration

Trakm8 Insight is a market leading software platform that processes data from the RH600 and other telematics devices and displays them in digestible and user-friendly dashboards. Available via the desktop portal or mobile app.

Business/Private Button

Reduce paperwork and help your employees remain HMRC-compliant with our business/private mileage function. Simply press the button on the RH600 console to select a business or personal journey. Drivers can also use our app or portal to reassign historic journeys as business or private mileage.

Video Encryption

All video footage is encrypted and stored internally. Video files can then be uploaded to the cloud for easy retrieval. Choose from 128GB or 256GB internal storage options.

Driver Identification (DriverID)

With DriverID, fleet managers are able to keep track of who is driving which vehicle at any given time. This enables accurate in-depth reporting on driver behaviour and driver timesheets.