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Rear load area van LED lighting

Most vans leave the factory with poor lighting installed, light that is not bright enough to clearly see what you are doing.

Tradesmen rely on their vans, and most see the importance of quality tools that will last. Lighting for the inside of the van is just as important.

There are important factors to consider when buying LED Lighting for your van:

  • Are the lights designed to cope with higher voltages than 12vdc?When the engine of a van is running, a healthy charging system should produce 14.4vdc. OurLEDVan Lights are designed to withstand up to 15vdc. They have on-board circuit protection to prevent theLEDs deteriorating or dying early.
  • Can we be easily contacted if there is a problem or fault with the product? We can be contacted by phone, email, or our website form.

Tried and tested by OEM; the LED Autolamps Interior Lighting rangewe use utilises the latest LED technology to provide high levels of light output with minimal current draw – efficiently illuminating you vehicle interiors without draining your power. The range includes a comprehensive choice of strip lamps, flexible lamps, spot lamps and door entry lamps – available in 12V and 24V – perfect for a wide range of applications

If you require a bespoke lighting system for your van or fleet of vans, either inside or outside, please contact us using the form below.