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Trakm8 Connect 430 vehicle tracking

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Vehicle tracking utilises GPS technology to monitor and track the location of your vehicles and assets, all in real-time. Easily find out where your vehicles are and where they’ve been, using our live vehicle tracking systems.

Our bespoke vehicle tracking software, Trakm8 Insight, boasts incredible GPS tracking technology and can take your fleet management to the next level.

Track vehicles in real-time

Experience live vehicle tracking through our user-friendly, asset tracking software. View all vehicles on a live map, whether they are parked up or on the move, ensuring that you know where your assets and vehicles are located at all times.

How does vehicle tracking software work?

Vehicle tracking software utilises GPS technologies in order to track vehicle movement, location and driver performance in real-time. 

Our tracking software is able to collect and store data regarding each of the vehicles in your fleet, allowing fleet managers to interpret data for reports and to make relevant changes to best optimise every day fleet performance.

The GPS feature can provide real-time updates through the use of cellular data, or satellite signals if there is no available phone service. Our tracking software always provides you with accurate, up-to-date information on the whereabouts of your vehicles and useful driver metrics.

Key features of fleet vehicle tracking

track fleet vehicles with route optimisation software

Vehicle tracking helps you to monitor your fleet activity

With Trakm8’s intelligent GPS tracking technology, fleet managers can successfully monitor fleet activity and keep track of important areas that need to be reported on.


Business and private mileage reporting

Business and private mileage reporting

Help your drivers remain HMRC-compliant with easy business and private mileage categorisation, ideal for P11D mileage claims and management.

Users can select a business or private journey at the touch of a button and can change the status of historic journeys via our app, made specifically for drivers.


Easily create geo-fences Easily create geo-fences

Geo-fencing enables you to easily create digital boundaries on maps and receive alerts when a vehicle crosses said geo-fence. These could be around points of interest such as:

  • Customer premises;
  • Insight into arrival and departure times;
  • Information on road charging areas such as the London ULEZ or Clean Air Zones.

Geo-fencing can also alert you to any unauthorised usage of company vehicles, such as out-of-hours use.


Benefits of GPS vehicle tracking

Our live vehicle tracking and GPS fleet monitoring has huge benefits for business owners, fleet managers and drivers.

Improves customer service and saves costs

Do you receive last-minute customer requests that aren’t always do-able due to your current vehicle tracking capabilities and visibility? The Find Nearest Vehicles feature of Insight’s fleet tracking enables you to be even more responsive to last-minute customer requests or emergencies.

Quickly identify the closest vehicle for the job and dispatch it to the customer location – this is a popular feature with businesses engaged in delivery, breakdown recovery or mobile service and repair.

Easily optimise driver routes

Through tracking driver routes and location, fleet managers can easily benefit from Trakm8’s route optimisation capabilities by calculating the most efficient routes and allowing drivers to devote more time to the job at hand.

Schedule repairs and maintenance with ease

With real-time insight into vehicle and driver metrics, you can easily track when a specific vehicle in your fleet requires, or will soon require, maintenance or repair work. Save time and costs through predetermined upkeep of crucial vehicles that are integral to your business’s day-to-day operations.

Vehicle tracking for grey fleet

Devices such as the Connect 200 make managing your grey fleet simple. Grey fleet is the term for vehicles owned and used by employees for business use. The Connect 200 is plugged into a cigarette lighter socket or aux socket, making it super easy to switch between business and private journeys.

Great flexibility is achieved with devices being able to be switched from one vehicle to another.

Vehicle tracking for HGVs and vans

One of the biggest concerns for fleet managers overseeing large vehicles, such as HGVs, is increasing fuel costs. Having a vehicle tracking system in place can help smooth out daily operations, allowing fleet managers to identify areas in which they can improve route efficiencies and reduce fuel costs.

Trakm8 also offers trailer tracking for HGVs and trucks, helping transport operators to quickly locate and identify assets that are sitting idle.

Trakm8’s Live Vehicle Tracking Software

Watch our video explaining how Trakm8’s fleet tracking software can help your business run more efficiently, improve driver safety and boost fleet performance.

Trakm8 Connect 430 vehicle tracking

FAQs about live vehicle tracking systems

How are vehicle tracking systems installed?

Most of our vehicle tracking systems are installed easily and can be done without assistance. Our Connect 200 software, for example, is simply plugged into a cigarette lighter socket or an aux socket.

Our Insight app and dashboard are downloaded from your chosen app store on mobile or tablet and are ready to be connected to your device with no fuss.

Our team is happy to help with installing software if you are experiencing any issues.

How much does fleet vehicle tracking cost?

We have different packages available depending on the size of your fleet, the types of vehicles you have and what kind of services you want access to, to help with fleet optimisation.

What additional vehicle tracking hardware do you supply?

We offer a large range of vehicle tracking solutions, from simple location pinpointing to providing a full dashboard of driver and vehicle metrics. We supply:

  • Fleet telematics cameras
  • Multi-camera systems
  • Standard dash cams
  • Insight Optimisation software

Have a chat with us to find out what kind of software would best suit your business and your fleet.