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Vehicle Tracking and Asset Location Systems (Vodafone)



The ultimate protection for your vehicle

Protect & Connect S5 and S7
Vehicle Tracking and Asset Location Systems
Certified to meet Thatcham criteria effective 01 January 2019

Protect & Connect S5 Vehicle Tracking and S7 Asset Location systems

You’ve invested in your pride and joy. Now, you need the peace of mind knowing that it’s safe: Vodafone Protect & Connect monitors your vehicle so you don’t have to.

With car theft rates up 56% in recent years in England and Wales,* major insurers are often asking if vehicles have tracking systems installed as a condition of providing you with cover. Almost half of all recorded thefts in recent years have involved criminals entering vehicles through an unlocked door, up from just 13% in 2006.** The growing issue of keyless theft – where criminals use relay devices to trick cars into thinking the legitimate key is nearby – now risks becoming standard practice.

Advancements in telematics technology, such as Vodafone Protect & Connect tracking systems, are at the forefront of countering these trends. By providing industry-leading, specialist stolen vehicle tracking protection, you can rest assured that if the worst does happen, there’s unparalleled support on hand to retrieve your vehicle
as quickly as possible.

These systems use the latest GPS/ GPRS/GSM technology, providing pinpoint accuracy and unrivalled service levels, with recovery of vehicles via police liaison conducted in local language through Vodafone Automotive’s network of Secure Operating Centres across 52 countries globally.***

We’re a trusted brand

You can be assured, major global brands trust Vodafone Automotive and its products. These include Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Infiniti, Lamborghini, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz Truck, Nissan, Porsche, Renault, Seat, Škoda, Tesla, Volkswagen passenger cars and Volkswagen commercial vehicles.

Thatcham accredited and recognised by insurers
Protect & Connect S5 Vehicle Tracking and S7 Asset Location systems are Thatcham accredited and recognised by the majority of leading insurers. You may qualify for a discount on your insurance premium.

Product range

Protect & Connect S5

The S5 incorporates all of the benefits listed below. The system also can be supplied with the additional features that come with the Plus version.

If your car is stolen: If your car is stolen without the ADR card being present, an alert will be sent to Vodafone Automotive’s Secure Operating Centre. An advisor will then attempt to contact you on the number you will have supplied at time of registration.

Protect & Connect

Protect & Connect S7

The S7 offers stolen asset location with pan-European Coverage as standard, pin-point GPS tracking to within 10 metres, tow-away alert, tamper alert and all the features of the My Connected Car App.

If you are installing a Protect & Connect device for insurance compliance, always confirm with your Insurer the correct device required. Protect & Connect devices are also connectable to our 4615P ADR Alarm – offering even greater levels of security and peace of mind.

Important information

Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR)†

When the internal battery nears the end of its working life, you will receive an SMS advising you to replace it. The battery should be replaced with a standard battery – type CR2032 – which can be purchased from most high street outlets.

Storing your ADR card
For maximum security, Vodafone Automotive recommend that your car keys and ADR card are kept separately when your vehicle is not in use.

False alerts
To avoid unnecessary alerts, call Vodafone Automotive 24/7 Stolen Vehicle Helpline to inform them of any potential false alarm. With your consent,
the Secure Operating Centre will set one of the following modes:

· Transport Mode: This mode inhibits the alerts that would be generated by unexpected movement of the car whilst the ignition is switched off. For example, if the car were to be transported.

· Garage Mode: This mode inhibits the alerts that would be generated by unexpected tampering with the car. For example, if the car were being serviced; the battery being disconnected; or dealer device maintenance is required.

Alternatively, simply activate Transport or Garage Mode using the My Connected Car app, without the need to contact our Customer Services. Please note that excessive false alerts may result in a charge.

† Applicable to the Protect & Connect S5 range only.

My Connected Car app and web

With My Connected Car, you can access and manage a number of your vehicle security and safety functions remotely. My Connected Car provides easy access to vehicle information such as real-time vehicle location, directions to the vehicle and geofence ability.