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Scorpion S5 Tracker (first 12 Month Subscription included)

£579.00 inc. VAT



Scorpion Automotive offer a great range of products to suit all of your vehicle tracking and security needs. Whether you are a fleet manager or wish to improve your vehicle theft prevention, our team of experts will work with you to ensure you can get the most out of our service.

Actively protects your vehicle against unauthorised movement. As a result, upon any unauthorised movement detection, ScorpionTrack will discretely notify our international control center of possible theft.

Providing speed, direction, ignition state, battery condition, and location details to the Police control room in the event of a theft. Accurate to within 10 meters, subject to environmental variables.

Scorpion S5 Tracker Features

  • 24/7/365 Theft Monitoring by our dedicated UK based Monitoring Team
    If your vehicle is stolen our control room will work with the police to recover your vehicle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • 4G Enabled for superior tracking abilities
    Our Scorpion S5 tracker is 4G capable making it a truly global product meaning we can track your vehicle anywhere in the world. (Limitations apply, contact us for more info)
  • Key Cloning Protection
    Our S5 system comes with a driver tag that protects against key theft and cloning. If the engine is started and the driver tag is not present then it will alert our monitoring team so we can confirm the theft and start the recovery of the vehicle.
  • Tow Away Alerts
    If your vehicle is towed or moved with the ignition then our Scorpion S5 tracker will alert you and our control room so we can alert you and the police as soon as possible.
  • Thatcham Insurance Approved
  • Made In Britain

Price includes installation at a location of your choice on the UK Mainland.

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